Charging station connection


Charging stations for e-mobility

Charging point management systems

We create, plan and organize concepts tailored specifically to your needs for integrating and merging e-charging points with existing refueling options. Even a homogeneous integration of charging stations is no challenge for us.

Let our experts explain the most important issues in e-mobility to you and benefit from already implemented large-scale projects in public and private areas. Unifying and combining conventional and sustainable refueling options is easier than you think.


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Charging station connection

Start investing in the future today and be a pioneer to e-mobility with a smart charging station. A certain current intensity is not exceeded at the charging stations, regardless of the number of cars being charged. Distribution of electricity at the charging stations is in fact regulated by load management. For example, if one has 22kW available when charging one car, this 22kW is divided if three cars are being charged at the same time.

Perfection through monitoring

The e-charging stations are monitored 24 hours a day. Thus, each charging point is under control 24/7. Various accesses can be granted or denied to keep the charging station data under control and protected. Due to the large mass of data sources, charging statistics can be generated, allowing load management to be regulated in addition to the optimization potential of the charging stations. Communication links and standardized protocols (OCPP) are a prerequisite.

OCPP is the abbreviation for Open Charge Point Protocol. This is a manufacturer-independent communication protocol between charging station and central management system. Installed elements can be integrated into the OCPP protocol infrastructure and are therefore not dependent on individual system suppliers.

Various communication connections from data to the charging point in the backend are required. This is done via an SSL-encrypted IP connection. Charging stations are only accessible with an encrypted connection so that data is not intercepted by third parties during transmission and, in the "worst" case, modified.

M2M networks mean Internet access with a SIM card, in which an automated exchange of information takes place between the end device and the central control station. Here it means the communication exchange between charging station and backend system. This constant communication between the two devices means that no data is lost and cannot be forgotten.

Unique backend system

Innovative IT solution for simple and flexible management in the background.

In addition to the e-charging station, we also provide you with an innovative IT solution so that electronic devices can be networked with the charging stations. In this way, hidden communication takes place between the device and the charging station system - so you can keep track of everything.

A digital recording of the charging process takes place. A calibrated digital electricity meter is integrated, as well as access points for managing access authorizations, payments and charging data. In this way, charging processes can be precisely controlled and monitored.

This constant control and monitoring of the charging processes also allows sources of error to be detected at an early stage and regular remote maintenance to be carried out at the charging station.


Intelligent fuel solutions

For more information about the charging pole connection for e-mobility, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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