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The wallbox for wall mounting is a high-quality, safe and reliable charging solution for electric vehicles, available in a robust stainless steel premium housing. An RFID reader and a LAN interface (RJ45) are also integrated for easy and secure authorization as well as trouble-free network integration.


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Wallbox for e-mobility

The innovative wallbox for wall mounting represents a first-class solution for anyone looking for a reliable and safe charging option for electric vehicles. This wallbox is available in a premium housing made of robust stainless steel, which not only ensures a high level of durability, but is also visually impressive.

With a charging point rated at 22 kW, 3-phase, AC, the wallbox enables efficient and rapid charging of electric vehicles. At the same time, integrated protection mechanisms such as personal, line, lightning and overvoltage protection ensure maximum safety during the charging process. A separately fused control circuit additionally contributes to safe handling.

To ensure a convenient and flexible charging process, the wallbox has a 6-meter charging cable that provides enough clearance to connect the vehicle without any problems. The integrated RFID reader enables simple and secure authorization, thus ensuring protected access to the charging facility.

For easy integration into existing networks and systems, the wallbox offers a LAN interface (RJ45), which facilitates connection and communication with other devices and systems.

This wallbox thus combines functionality, security and design, and represents an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality charging solution for electric vehicles.

Optimal network integration with ChargeNET

Scalable server-client solution for
efficient data synchronization and management

ChargeNET is an advanced server-client network designed to enable optimal connection and integration of devices and extensive data networks. It offers the ability to scale from a simple data connection between multiple devices to full integration of extensive data networks. As a result, it opens up a wide range of possible applications and can be flexibly adapted to individual needs.

With ChargeNET, users can easily synchronize master data, operations and settings between connected devices. This ensures that the most up-to-date data and settings are always available on all devices and enables a smooth and efficient workflow. This ability to synchronize makes ChargeNET a valuable tool for managing and organizing data and processes across different network environments.

Thus, using ChargeNET not only increases efficiency, but also greatly simplifies the handling of data networks. It provides a reliable and flexible solution for managing server-client networks, thus helping to optimize work processes.


Technical documentation

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