AdBlue "container systems

for the car/truck filling station

-certifiable- (option)

Container unit FLEX for trucks & cars

For the quantity recording and the sale of AdBlue, you need a calibrated recording unit. The AdBlue units from "lümatic" offer you exactly the right tool for this purpose.

The weight of all container units as well as the necessary requirements are adapted to the existing filling station. On most filling stations there is not enough space for a new infrastructure, so the AdBlue solution has to fit into the existing configuration. We have developed compact solutions for you with integrated dispenser, designed and constructed according to the highest quality standards.


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"lümatic" - Compact unit for (urea)" AdBlue"

- 1.333, 2.666, 4.000, 5.300, 7.500 and 10.000 liters capacity -.

In our container units there is a 2.5 meter long fueling hose, which allows uncomplicated refueling without worrying about how exactly to park your vehicle.

    All compact units for AdBlue refueling have the following equipment:

    • Dispensing hose up to 3.5 m possible
    • Data interface (e.g. ER3,ZSR,LON)
    • Pulse interface
    • Price calculator -optional-
    • Automatic heating of the interior
    • Automatic closing of the gun pocket
    • No submersible pump (self-priming pump)
    • Automatic drip emptying
    • Permanent tank content indication via display -optional-
    • Ex-protected version "ATEX" -optional-
    • Also available as DUO version -optional-
    • Easy access and maintenance via panel
    • Optional: Level control
    • External filling via dry coupling

    Large and small delivery (car & truck).

    The difference between the small and large delivery is only the length of the dispensing hose. 3.5 meters are installed in the standard variant for PWK refueling, for truck refueling a dispensing hose with a length of up to 5 meters is provided.

    Advantages of compact container plants

    The compact container system has many advantages. The installation dimensions allow uncomplicated integration on a tank island without turning the infrastructure of the filling station upside down. In addition, the tank and dispenser are located in one housing and the requirements are all adapted to those of an AdBlue system. The free handle to the nozzle allows easy refueling and the housing also serves as an advertising space. The unit is completely insulated and also heated, so there is no danger even at low temperatures. The corrosion-resistant material ensures long-lasting use.

    Technical documentations

    For more information about the AdBlue container system FLEX, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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