AdBlue "Mobile dispensing units

for the workshop

-approved for calibration- (option)

Mobile dispenser for trucks & cars

For the quantity recording and the sale of AdBlue, you need a calibrated recording unit. The AdBlue units from "lümatic" offer you exactly the right tool for this purpose.

Mobile dispensing units for AdBlue are available in different versions and allow easy and fast filling. The advantage of mobile dispensing units: they can be used regardless of the location of the vehicle.


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AdBlue Trolley

Flexible & independent

The solid construction makes them suitable for professional use and operation. To ensure a smooth use of the product, all tanks of the mobile tank units are type-tested and also suitable for any kind of transport. However, since AdBlue is a urea and not a hazardous substance, the tanks do not require ADR approval. Due to the low center of gravity of the trolleys, they can even be driven well off-road and on stairs.

The demand is increasing

As the number of diesel vehicles using AdBlue continues to grow, the demand for refueling facilities is also being met by mobile stations. This applies to both workshops and vehicle fleets.

Mobile dispenser for truck

-approved for calibration-

The stainless steel housing of the trolleys is made of stainless steel, just like the stationary units. The control unit "630/LO" also has a liter counter and the units are to be connected via the cable drum equipped with 10 meters of cable with a connection plug with 230 volts.

The units are equipped with an automatic dispensing gun, including sight glass to view. Under the gun holder there is a drip catcher for excess liquids. The tank of the mobile stations can hold up to 230 liters.

The equipment also includes large easy-running wheels, a nose wheel with parking brake and a robust stainless steel chassis.

Technical data

Icon Symbolbild für technische Daten der AdBlue-Zapfsäule

Height: 1,200 mm
Width: 800 mm
Depth: 940 mm
Weight: approx. 62 kg

Delivery capacity car
> approx. 2.5 - 10 liters/min.
Delivery capacity truck
> approx. 30 liters/min.
Power supply: 230 Volt -50 Hz-


Technical documentations

Advantages of mobile AdBlue stations

If you only store AdBlue within your farm, it may not always be an advantage to have it available only stationary on your premises. Mobile stations are especially suitable for agriculture, if you are often far out in the countryside and you need to refuel your vehicles on the road.

Mobile refueling stations for AdBlue are ideal for this purpose. They are not intended for storage, but can be easily filled and transported. Fill - transport - refuel. Done! Simply take it with you to the place of use and refuel your vehicles when there is time without the hassle of driving back and forth to refuel.

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