IBC AdBlue wall mounting unit

for car or truck refueling

-calibrated- (option)

Wandmontage Einheit für AdBlue

-Modell AdBlue/IBC, eichfähig-

Für die Mengenerfassung und den Verkauf von AdBlue, benötigen Sie eine geeichte Erfassungseinheit. Die AdBlue Anlagen von "lümatic" bieten Ihnen genau hierfür das richtige Werkzeug.


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IBC AdBlue wall mounted unit for car or truck refueling


The wall mounting unit for PWK or truck refueling is designed for wall mounting in such a way that all important components are easily accessible. The compact unit of the wall mounting consists of:

  • Feed pump
  • Filter
  • measuring chamber
  • control valve
  • Electrovalve

The hose reel almost a 3.5 m to 5 m long dispensing hose, which is equipped with a hose stopper. The automatic "lümatic" car nozzle can be hung in a nozzle holder with automatic cleaning and drain cock.

The refueling can be controlled and adjusted via the control and release unit. The AdBlue in the wall-mounted unit is in a separate IBC container, which is connected to the wall-mounted unit by a hose.

Technical data

Icon Symbolbild für technische Daten der AdBlue-Zapfsäule

Height: 1,300 mm
Width: 780 mm
Depth: 56 mm
Weight: approx. 48 kg

Delivery rate:
> approx. truck 30 liters/min.
> approx. car 10 liters/min.
Power supply: 230 Volt -50 Hz-


Technical documentation

Recommended by Mercedes - Benz AG

"EPC" listed

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