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It is not uncommon to hear about drivers being victims of criminal acts. This involves a robbery of the driver himself or, even more likely, the perpetrators tamper with the loaded cargo. The damages for such a robbery then quickly run into billions.

The problem: There is no guarantee that the insurance company will cover and reimburse the entire damage.

Our solution: security parking lots. These are specially designed parking areas for trucks, where drivers can move freely and do not have to worry about their safety or that of their cargo.

These security parking lots are usually located on highways or car yards. Trucks can be safely parked here and drivers can move around safely and not take any risks. The advantage is that there is no need to search for a parking space for a long time, parking on the hard shoulder has come to an end and driving times can be kept as a result.


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How the security parking "Parcferme" works

At the entrance to the parking lot, the driver must identify himself with his truck, which is done via a token and a pin code. After successful identification, the driver is denied access.

Recreation area

The security parking lots provide a recreation area for drivers. There you can find seating with tables and chairs for eating, chatting and relaxing. The sun-protected area usually also offers a barbecue. Recreation is a priority here.

In addition, the parking lot is completely illuminated and video-monitored. At the entrance and exit there are information boards with all important information.

Building with extras

Drivers can freshen up in the small building in the security parking lot. From toilets, washing machines and showers to free Wi-Fi and the option of downloading the official driver card, nothing is lacking here.

You can also get into this building only with prior identification. Because you can enter the building with toilet, washing machine, etc. even without a truck. It is not mandatory to enter with a truck to use the security parking.

Simply enter the security parking lot on foot through the existing revolving door with appropriate identification.

Leaving the security parking lot

When leaving the security parking lot, identification is also required. The total parking time can then be seen on the display panel. Billing is handled by the fuel card provider - cashless and uncomplicated. Each truck is logged by the devices at the entrance and exit.
Security is ensured by:

  • Barriers at entrance and exit
  • Access only possible by identification
  • Fencing
  • Video surveillance
  • Regular controls

In the video you get a comprehensive insight into the security parking "ParcFerme".

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  • Cargo and drivers are protected from robbery
  • Drivers have no stress to find parking space
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