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Forklift refueling

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Forklift trucks can of course also be refueled quickly and safely with the automatic refueling systems from lümatic. Only when fully refueled do the forklifts sparkle with power and are powerful and durable.


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Effortless transport of the goods from A to B

Diesel-powered forklifts are generally only suitable for outdoor use, as they do not comply with the pollutant guidelines for halls. Such forklifts must have special filters to be allowed to move in closed halls. As is generally known, forklifts with combustion engines have to be refueled regularly, which can be done effortlessly within a few minutes with the automatic refueling systems from "lümatic".

The Safety Start, which monitors the safety device during the refueling process, makes it possible to start the vehicle only when the refueling process has been completed and the nozzle has been removed from the vehicle. In addition, our designs have ground loop detection.

With your own forklift fuel dispenser, you make yourself independent and are supplied for the long term.

Safety first - especially when refueling forklifts.

To ensure that nothing goes wrong during refueling, the prescribed safety regulations should be observed. This is the only way to protect the persons involved as well as the driver from possible dangers.
Refueling with a forklift is no different than with a car, except for the safety precautions. Ignition possibilities should be avoided at all costs. The engine of the forklift should be turned off at all costs, and welders or similar equipment should not be used within 50 feet, due to spark flight. You can also place a metal protective wall to protect it.

Place the fuel dispensers securely so that accidents are avoided and adequate crash protection is planned. The catch basin made of steel should not be missing, so that any fuel leakage does not get into the ground. Such drip pans are impermeable and also easy to drive over, so they have no restrictions in this regard. As an alternative, you can also place binders at the fuel dispensers, so in case of fuel contamination, you can react directly and sprinkle the fuel with binder.

Even if the operation is clear for most of the employees, we advise to place the operating instructions on the fuel dispensers, so there will be no misunderstandings in the use. Set up the fuel dispenser so that everyone has unhindered access to it and does not come into contact with other hot components.

Smoking ban in the immediate vicinity

Wear protective gloves

Safe placement of the fuel dispenser

Exclude ignition possibilities

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