Automatic fuel dispenser

"ECO 630"

-calibratable- (option)

Tankautomat ECO 630: Tankautomaten von Lümatic

Automatic fuel dispenser ECO 630

The ECO 630 automatic fuel dispenser is used to control two fuel dispensers and impresses with its modern and compact design. The ECO 630 is also equipped with a robust display and an LCD/OLED keyboard, which are located in a stainless steel housing.

Due to the FMS32 software, the operator guidance is self-explanatory and can be used without instruction. The connection takes place here as standard via a pulse interface, optionally via a data interface. With a 230 volt power connection, two columns can be operated with the ECO 630.


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Multimedia screen

All fuel dispensers are equipped with either a multilingual color screen or a graphic display. The fuel terminals can be optionally equipped with additional accessories. These include, for example, a privacy screen for the keypad with ZKA acceptance and a reader according to customer requirements.

The recognition and thus the start of the fuel dispenser are possible through the following elements:

Function of the fuel terminal ECO 630

In addition to the normal refueling process with or without driver card, it is also possible to download driver cards. The driver's license check is located on the side of the fuel terminal and can be started simply by placing it on the machine. To ensure data security at the terminals, the magnetic card swipe reader is equipped with an anti-skimming device. This means that your data is protected against electronic data theft at all times.

Data stored on the driver card:

  • Pol. License plate
  • Driver number
  • Mileage

Driver's license check with the fuel terminal

First, the fuel card is inserted into the fuel terminal as usual. The sensor for the driver's license is located on the side, so that only the driver's license needs to be held out for checking. After that, the screen indicates when the refueling process can be started, which is only possible after checking the driver's license. The stored data can be retrieved for internal administration. Thus, driver's license check list of all existing and non-existing driver's licenses can also be created.

The driver is identified by a "token", which is located on the back of the driver's license. A special evaluation can be used to show at what time (date of refueling) this document was still in the driver's possession. This means that regular manual checks of the driver's license can be replaced.

The following data is stored:


Date & Time



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Recognition of vehicles via

RFID Token von Lümatic für Tankautomaten/ Tankautomat

RFID token

Touchbutton für Tankautomaten/ Tankautomat von Lümatic

Touch button

Chipschlüssel für Tankautomaten/ Tankautomat von Lümatic

Chip key

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