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Oil plant / oil management

To prevent incorrect filling of oil and thus prevent damage to vehicles, an oil management system is important. Oil management systems manage fluids such as oil and also control the process of filling.

Such an oil management system can be found in truck and car workshops, in agriculture as well as in industry. Interfaces to a computer are part of the basic equipment. Measured values such as date, quantity and oil type can be called up at any time.

Work processes are optimized, there is interference-free remote transmission, measured values are permanently stored and all this happens with the highest precision.
We are your partner for the most different fields of application and equip your workshop with a precisely fitting oil management system. When planning, we always have the big picture in mind, so that individual stations can also be optimally connected with each other.


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Oil management system for service equipment passenger car

The advantages of oil management systems for service facilities passenger cars are many. One important point is that everything in the workshop is in close proximity. Due to the resource-saving installation of the system, all equipment can be installed in such a way that the working routes and workplaces of your employees are efficiently arranged. For example, not only is the central management of the oil storage rooms located nearby, but the measuring and blocking block, as well as the oil level display, are located directly in the vicinity of the car. A waste oil extraction system can also be installed in addition. This prevents heavy contamination in the workshop.

Oil management system for service equipment truck

The oil management systems for service plants truck also bring many advantages. Also like the systems for passenger cars, everything is located in close proximity to make the work processes efficient. The oil management systems can also be installed in the prefabricated pit. This gives you direct control while working in the pit. The measuring and blocking block are directly connected to the oil storage via the hose reel, and here too, direct waste oil extraction prevents contamination in the workshop. The oil management system for service plants cars and trucks have integrated the transfer software "Dueoel".

Technical domunentation

Oil seepage in the pit niche

You can choose from two different applications for the oil supply systems for the pit niches:

Discharge via manual flow meter

Integrated drip tray with sufficient ground clearance for pit lifter

Delivery via lümatic oil data management system

Integrated drip tray with sufficient ground clearance for pit lifter

Supply stand for operating equipment

The supply stands for operating supplies have a central quantity display. This gives you an exact overview of the fill levels at all times. The supply stands are used to control the automatic waste oil extraction system. A drip tray, a drain cock and a storage console for oil cans and other utensils are also integrated. The electric waste oil suction pump is located in the stainless steel housing.

For further components, please refer to the technical documentation.

Oil change column

The oil change columns have an oil connection hose of 0.5 meters. All oil change columns have an electric waste oil suction pump in a stainless steel housing, an oil gun with drip-proof outlet spout and sight glass, and a suction adapter with stopcock and check valve. A control unit for automatic waste oil extraction is also available, as well as a quick coupling for compressed air as an option.

For further components, please refer to the technical documentation.

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