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General information about the"lümatic" fuel terminals

Vehicle refueling without personnel

The fuel dispensers from "lümatic" enable refueling of vehicles without personnel. The fuel dispensers control the electronic pump that dispenses the fuel, organize the displays of the price boards, regulate the payment function and monitor the filling levels. Thus, our fuel dispensers guarantee smooth operation and orderly fuel data collection at your service station.


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Individual fuel dispensers for your service station

High-quality, compact and user-friendly - these terms more than aptly describe our fuel dispensers. Whether smaller models for wall mounting or dispensers with manual display - you are guaranteed to receive a slim, space-saving and modern design with a robust display and keypad.

Likewise, as a manufacturer of fueling equipment and dispensers, we guarantee self-explanatory operator guidance as well as simple diesel acceptance, enabling fast and convenient fueling with the dispensers.

Refueling at company filling stations

A company filling station is a clear advantage for companies or forwarding agencies. Not only is the circle of users at company filling stations restricted in contrast to public filling stations, but the release of the fuel terminal and the refueling only take place after the customer's creditworthiness has been successfully checked.

Before refueling, identification takes place via magnetic stripe cards, chip cards or transponders. In contrast to public service stations, company service stations are charged on a monthly basis and the fueling data are Tank data acquisition stored, passed on and evaluated.

Refueling technology: applications & functions for easy refueling

Roadside refueling stations

Company filling stations

Even as a supplement for"lümatic" fuel dispensers, these can be adapted to different areas of application and dispensers at your service station and, thanks to variable and optional functions, meet all individual refueling requirements.

Automatic fuel dispensers - as a supplement for your gas station

Our innovative tank data monitoring system guarantees detailed logging of every refueling operation. Both vehicle data and personnel data can be stored, and stock checks and optional driver's license checks can be carried out. As a result, refueling is properly recorded and managed in the system, costs are controlled and can thus be reduced if necessary, increasing the profitability of the operation. In addition, data collection from the fuel dispenser can identify inconsistencies and discrepancies. For example, it reveals if a vehicle's fuel consumption is unusually high or if someone has to refuel more times than expected.

„lümatic“ fuel dispensers

Features at a glance

All our "lümatic" fuel terminals are flexible to use and highly reliable. You do not need any additional personnel to operate the fuel terminals, as they are all equipped and designed in such a way that operation is completely intuitive and easy for your customers.

A major advantage for you as the operator: you have remote access to the status messages at any time. This means you can view all messages at any time and always have your fuel dispensers under control.

"lümatic" offers, as already described, various models of automatic fuel dispensers, completely adapted to your needs and, thanks to the robust housing, also to the conditions of the location.
Via the clearly arranged control panel, the process is explained to you step by step, so that even the first refueling is child's play.

A problem-free connection to your service station infrastructure is also possible, and you and your employees will receive detailed training to ensure trouble-free use. But even after the installation of the fuel terminals, we are always available for you. Service is a top priority for us.



Problem-free connection to your service station infrastructure

For more information about fuel dispensers, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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