Tank data acquisition

for e-charging stations

Electromobility is growing steadily and developing progressively. The demand for electric vehicles is high. Consumers are switching more and more - from fuel cars to electric cars.

E-charging station

To start an electric vehicle, it must first be charged. This is done at an e-charging station, which is similar to a classic gas pump. To do this, a charging cable is used to connect the electric vehicle to the socket of an e-charging station. Depending on the provider, this can be used free of charge. However, charging is generally subject to a charge, which can be calculated using a charging card or app.

The number of e-charging stations or individual e-charging columns is increasing rapidly due to the high demand of electric vehicles. Many public parking lots or parking garages offer the possibility to park and charge the car at an e-charging station. The e-charging stations can be located via an app. The e-charging stations differ in terms of different providers and the form of the charging station. In addition to conventional charging stations, fast charging stations are offered especially at electric charging stations, which enable faster charging. An electric vehicle can also be charged with electricity at home if it is connected to the power grid.


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Duration of one e-fueling

The question often arises as to how long it takes to charge an electric vehicle. It is not possible to give an exact time for this, as the charging time depends on various factors such as the size of the battery and the power. You can use this formula to calculate your individual charging time: Battery capacity / charging power = charging time

Charging card / app for identifying and storing data

To be able to charge your electric car at public charging stations, you need either a charging card or an app. You can obtain the charging card from your energy provider. For identification and to activate the charging station, you must bring the charging card up to the charging station. Your refueling data is stored using the charging card and transmitted to your energy provider, allowing you to settle the costs afterwards. An app simplifies charging, as payments can be made online directly via PayPal, EC or credit card.

Intelligent fuel solutions

Our lümatic fuel dispensers with integrated tank data recording

By equipping modern systems, our lümatic fuel dispensers are equipped with reliable tank data recording. The system makes it possible to log all data of a refueling process and store it in the system. This data can be retrieved at any time and subsequently evaluated.
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Take advantage of the benefits of tank data collection:

Tankdatenerfassung E-Ladesäule; Kontrolle von Tankvorgängen

Control of tank operations

Tankdatenerfassung E-Ladesäule, Datenspeicherung

Complete data storage

Tankdatenerfassung E-Ladesäule, Personalkosten sparen

Save costs at personnel level

Tankdatenerfassung E-Ladesäule, Arbeitsprozess

Facilitate work process

Tank data acquisition at e-charging station

Systems for recording refueling data are also available in e-charging stations. These serve on the one hand to identify the driver, and on the other hand to evaluate all necessary tank data. All electric charges are stored and are available online after charging.

Tank data acquisition for AdBlue tank systems

AdBlue tank installations can also be equipped with a system for tank data acquisition. This allows you to control AdBlue dispensing remotely. Find out more about our AdBlue starter set here.

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